20 Apr 2009

Over the finishing line in a cloud of exhaust smoke

To finish the 1750pts off we have only 4 models. 2 more of those lovely and friendly Nob Bikers to make the squad up to 5 and the painboss. And the last 2 Pardon Koptas, one of which is armed with the permanently overheating Kustom Mega Blaster.

So there it is done.

Well that is apart from the 10 Kommandos with Snkirot, Battlewagon with Kill Kannon, 10 Stormboyz with Zagstruk, Ghazghull and 6 Mega Armoured Nobs, and a squad of 20 Nobs which are on my painting desk. That will leave me shed loads of foot sloggin' Orks, Lootas, Tankbustas and Grots to paint before I achieve my aim of world domination .... sorry that is next week ... I meant to say the ability to field an Apocalypse force on my own.

Now to see if these fine examples of Ork-dom can finally beat my curse of never being able to beat the Varistat........

1 comment:

Eddy Artillery said...


I'm already dreading facing these monsters even with the 'tweaks' I've made to my list!

Figs look cool mate!!