13 Sept 2019

Random distractions

My efforts have been somewhat lacking in direction following the completion of the Mustafar set so I’ve been following my muse and just picking up little bits that took my fancy.

After finishing the scrap cars for my pulp city scenery collection, I thought I might do some of the other little incidental bits as some of them have been hanging around for years. First off were some generic bits including tables, chairs & beds. Quick and easy!

I got a TTcombat arcade a couple of years ago. I’ve not painted the building yet but the idea of painting an arcade machine tickled me.

Random build. WWII sentry post.


Colours was at the weekend and this mdf kit caught my eye. Rickety and characterful. I’m looking forward to painting it!


All this contemporary scenery stuff got my juices following for a bit of superhero gaming so we broke out the town for a game.

YTD 308

4 Sept 2019

Scrapyard additions

I've not done any work on my Pulp City scenery for ages despite having collected and painted loads of it. I still don't actually consider it ready as I've not added any vehicles.

I three years ago (gulp!) I brought two 28mm resin cars to add to this set. I'd deliberately not painted them yet as I'd intended to try and do some cheap moulding from them to make some car parts to add to the scrapyard part of my scenery collection. Of course that was the plan but I'd not gotten around to it.

I ended up having a free hour at the weekend and it struck me that it could be a fun and slightly messy thing to do with the kids...so out came the tin foil and plaster to give it a crack.

I wrapped one side of the cars in foil, gently starting with the roof and carefully pressing it down around the body of the vehicles. There was no way to avoid creases but I wasn't too worried as they are meant to be junk! The surplus foil on the sheet was rolled round to add some support to the mould for when the plaster was added.

I extracted the originals fairly carefully then gave the foil a poke and a prod to deform it. Then the plaster was poured and left for an hour. I wasn't sure at this stage but hoped that they would come out okay.

I wanted to protect the edges of the plaster at the base as I suspected it would chip easily there. I thought the best way would be to mount them on some plastic basing material which also meant I could use the sand to help them look like they were buried slightly.

Just paint after that to finish them off. Simply bit of weathering and they were all sorted.

Now I just need to paint the proper vehicles!

YTD 287


Mustafar or Mars?

I finally finished my lava world scenery set!

Using a great basing tutorial I had found, I made some drop on scenery tiles for the lava. They took a lot of painting as there was numerous layers to build up the lava effect. Pretty pleased with it tho'!

As it was modular I decided to add an extra tile so it could be useful for AoS as well

YTD 284!


Random diversions

Quite randomly I felt the desire to paint some tanks. So I did.

Then a quick endless spell the next night!

YTD 270


6 Aug 2019

Preparing for WAR!!

Plans are afoot for a massive AoS game in November and these sorts of things always light me up with the desire to add new units to expand my forces.

I'd gotten a cheap plastic Dino from Ebay ages ago and even slapped some spikes and bling on it with the intention of using it as a Dread Saurian. Well....that was the plan. Instead its been gathering dust and adding to my self-induced stress over the amount of projects I've started but not finished.

Talk of battle changed this and I got busy!

I'd also found an ebay seller (Tabletopengineeruk) who sells alternative Razordons. I'd wanted more but the GW price is toooo high! These 3D printed ones had a good design and came in at a good price, 3 for £14.00! Bargain!

I've loved my Razordons in game. It is really satisfying when people charge them and they manage to get off their instinctive behaviour shots at their would be attackers. Given the shots they put out the chances of blunting a charge are actually favourable!

I'm hoping to see these on the table this week!


Tally YTD 267

26 Jul 2019

Phase Two complete!

I’ve been beavering away for weeks now getting the walkways done for the planned Mustafar/Lava board and I have finally finished, after being distracted by tiny spaceships, to get the last few pieces painted.

Soooo…. course it meant that I had to have a play!

Next is the lava sections. I’ve got the plastic sheet to be the basing for it but having seen a few inspiring tutorials I have decided to use cork tiles for the rocks. I don’t have any cork tiles so I’ll need to squeeze in a shopping trip shortly. My kids are away soon for summer holidays so this may well mean that I get a chance to blitz a hobby job whist they are not around to ….um....help.

After that I want to ad some rock piles as scatter and I have some pink foam left over from other jobs to use. Then it will just be making sure I have enough cargo crates and other scatter to add cover around on the platforms.

Tally YTD: 254


Loads of ships!

The Full Thrust bug must have bitten me pretty badly because after the Shaltari fleet the next ones found themselves done as well in no time at all.


It’s always fun to paint different things and this was certainly the case. Quick simple and fun to paint. Very cathartic!


I’ve got Kra’vak ships from GZG still unpainted but they are seriously old. I think I prefer the idea of using the Shaltari fleet from DFC as proxies instead. If that doesn’t work I can always buy some of the updated Kra’Vak figures at Colours or Warfare.

Tally YTD: 215

Talk has started about a mega gun of AoS in November so thoughts have turned to new forces to be added to my Seraphon forces. Hunting around I came across, quite by accident, a fellow selling alternative Razordons

Check out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/tabletopengineeruk?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Cool 3D printed goods. One to watch I reckon.

Long story short I ordered a bundle and I was properly impressed when they arrived. The print quality is good and I can't discern any contour lines that I believe are typical with low quality 3D prints.

Straight into the paint queue!

Yup. Will but from Him again!