18 Jan 2018

Bow & Behemoth

The Challenge marches on and today I’d like to present a unit of Ungor Raiders representing the Beastmen Faction and a Chimera representing any Chaos Faction it wants!

First up the Ungor Raiders

20 of these lovely little bowmen!

To be honest I wasn’t planning on adding Ungors anytime soon. They’re the low caste of the Beastmen and the figures just weren’t doing it for me; just not up to the level of the Gors... and then I found out you could give them bows. Missile weapons? Oh yes please!

So now they’re my favourites 😀 they’ve had their first outing and did sterling work so they’ll be taking to the field of battle again. These 20 stout fellows come in at 200 points so that’s a nice old chunk towards the grand target!

And now for something a little bigger. One aspect of the Analogue Challenge that I failed to take part in last year is the Bonus Rounds. These happen every couple of weeks and are usually based around a single word.

This time the word was Flight so naturally I chose something gentle like a hummingbird...
He has three heads representing Lion, Eagle and Dragon. Each gets its own attack as does the tail. So lots of lovely special rules to remember... yeah right.... I'll be making it up as I go along then.

Very simple scheme for the skin with a yellow base spray from GW and then Cassandora Yellow shade which is quickly becoming my absolute favourite.

And an Ungor showing the scale of the Chimera.

Now whatever you do don't mention Andy the Ankylosaurus (sp?) who's terrible in combat... I don't even want to go there... just... nope....

The Chimera is worth a whopping 220 points so let's do maths...

Skaven Warlord 100
Ungor Raiders 200
Chimera 220
Total so far 520 / 3650 or 14% complete!!

Ahead of target so far...

12 Jan 2018

Great big Elf Dragon!

One of the cool things about the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is that there are bonus rounds, which normally have a single word criteria, encouraging you to paint whatever you like that fits the theme.  I use it as a great way to get something I already own done as the deadline prompts me to get on with it!

When the "Flight" round was announced, my thoughts went immediately to the dragon I'd undercoated and done nothing with.  Once again the challenge worked it's magic in getting me to get something done!

Originally intended as a mount for a dark elf sorceress, I couldn't find all the bits I wanted to use for her so I went with an elven lord instead - I plan to use magnets and get the sorceress ready so I can use both with the same mount and get her done later.

Big old kit, nicely detailed and a nice use of a "tactical rock" to give the Dragon the illusion of flight.  I went for the cold blue colour as I do like the selection of paint colours from GW (The Incubi Darkness ones).
Really pleased with it and looking forward to getting it on the tabletop.

5 Jan 2018

Some Superheroes - Pulp City progress

This is my fourth time of taking the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, and once again it's prodded me into action on the painting and blogging front.  I've actually been painting fairly steadily, but as I have to put blog posts together for the Challenge, it's much easier to transfer them here too!

I decided to start with fours Supes for "Pulp City", a rather fun little superheroes game with it's own characters that I haven't played nearly enough.

This first chap will be "Father Oak", a Powerhouse in the terminology of the game who is a hero and aligned to the "Nature" faction in the game.  The figure is from Black Scorpion from the Bloodbowl/Fantasy football range and is brilliantly detailed.

He was originally going to be brown with green leaves, but the colour scheme sort of took on a life of it's own whilst I was painting and he ended up a little more green/grey in the trunk so I thought perhaps a red leaf would work better.

These next three are spandex clad superheroes, from the Reaper Bones Chronoscope range, which sadly appears to have been discontinued now Reaper are all about slightly wobbly plastic instead.  So for once it's a good thing that I bought them a while ago to sit in the lead mountain "Just in case they're discontinued"!  Having now succeeded once with that excuse, I shall feel justified in using it going forward more often.....
I believe a couple were sculpted by Patrick Keith of Bombshell miniatures fame - I do like his work having previously showcased some of his Counterblast figures and I hope to paint more of his sculpts during the challenge.

I've no real plans for which hero each will be, I just gave them a classic two tone scheme each and based them on street bases that I carve myself from plasticard and stick to lipped bases.  They may end up as heroes or villains, as every good comic book story needs generous helpings of both.

I went a little more extreme on the highlights than I normally do, but the joy of painting only a few figures instead of a regiment of forty allowed me to take my time a little more.

I've always liked superheroes (who hasn't?) and working in a comic shop during my holidays during University was without doubt one of the best jobs I ever had.  Spandex clad superheroes are the classics in my eyes and these three will be joining my other figures and will be taking to the streets of Pulp city hopefully very soon!

27 Dec 2017

The SilverFox 2018 Challenge

I've been quiet. So very quiet. In 2017 I hit 2,000 points for my AoS army, added a Predator to my World Eaters and stopped.

I could blame work or my other hobbies (mainly video gaming) but to be honest, once I analyse what makes me tick I realise I'm goal driven. I like a target. Something to work towards. I used to paint for tournaments but since I stopped attending those I've lost focus.

That's why the Analogue Painting Challenge is so good for me as it drives me to paint towards a target.

With that in mind I'm now introducing my Challenge to myself for Paint Year 2018. My target is to paint 3,650 points of models. The points for a unit are the in game points at the time the unit is finished. If a game doesn't use points or the unit doesn't have points then I'll settle on 10 points for a 28mm figure.

Is this achievable? Yes. Work will always throw in spanners and new video games will hog the limelight for a while but I'm determined to hit this target.

The Paint Year started on 20 December 2017 to coincide with the start of the Analogue Challenge and therefore it will end on 19 December 2018.

And here is my first 100 points! A Skaven Warlord for my AoS Chaos Army which lacks leaders...

I've built a lot of figures in advance of the Analogue Challenge so expect to see regular updates as the Challenges continue through this year.

My next unit is underway and fingers crossed it'll be done in time for the first Thursday in January which is my day for posting to the Analogue Challenge.

Wish me luck. I suspect I'm going to need it!!!

15 Dec 2017

Playing with my wood

 I’ve been quiet on the blog lately but fear not I am still beavering away.

The BFG planned a big game of AoS for the beginning of December. Sadly I couldn’t attend but he tapped me up to make some broken wall sections to go with the Warhammer castle set they would be using for the siege he had planned.

Bish bosh and three pairs of ‘bookends’ were created to slot in as replacements to the walls when they got battered down.

I spectacularly managed to screw my ankle up at the weekend leaving me unable to drive. Rather than sit around useless I took refuge in my study and worked away at some of the MDF kits I’ve not had a chance to do yet. Firstly I wanted to finish off the defence guns for the planned 30K siege game.

Then I got some fencing done for my city scenery set.

And a camper van.

And a security check point for the docks.

I had also finally gotten round to getting the monitor turret and tug from Blotz as the next step on the road to Mars. Lovely kits that go together really well.

The tug has a nice lot of character I think and I’m pleased how it turned out. Hopefully it won’t be too long before the two Oriental vessels appear.


28 Nov 2017

Across the line!!

With these last few figures I have finally finished the 365!

The troglodyte set was a quick paint job as I didn’t want to spend too long doing them. I opted to use dry-brushing to complete as much as I can.

Troglodyte Grunts

Troglodyte Leaders



Dwarf Heroine. She is a bit odd this one. Quite cartoony, more so than the other heroes I think.

Lord Tusk.
I wish I’d used a more contrasting colour for his clothing now as it doesn’t stand out very well against his skin colour.

So this means that I’ve passed my target of 365 for the year and in good time as the deadline wasn’t up until 09/12/17.

Completed this year was:

Epic Iron Warriors:                           95
Epic Orks:                                         49
Massive Darkness figures:                25
30K Iron Hands:                               13
30K Iron Warriors:                           66
30K Mechanicum:                            9
40K Eldar:                                        30
40K Howling Griffons:                    9
AoS Seraphon:                                 56
28mm Container Ship:                     1
Pulp City figures:                             10
Aeronef:                                           3
                Total:                                366

A pretty good total but not a wholly accurate summation of what I have done hobby-wise this year. On top of the above I constructed and painted two Spartan Scenery box sets to create the sizeable Anphelion Base. I’ve also almost finished the Spartan 28mm Space Ship (I really should finish that).
As well as all that I also made some Epic woods and a set of blast markers and prepped a shed load of figures such as all the Primaris Marines from the new box set. And, as always I’ve put together a load of MDF kits. Man….I love the MDF.

What is good about the list above is what it represents; sizable changes to the nature of the painting queue. It was good to make some solid progress on the 30K stuff and the 40K items had been hanging around so it was good to get them finished. Clearing the Spartan Scenics after all this time was pretty cathartic as well.

2017 has been a damned good year for painting and hobbying and not too shabby on the playing side either. I’ve slipped on the games blog posts but I crossed the 52 game point some time ago. I think that this year’s tally will end up being in the 70-75 region. That is good but it also represents an effort to play multiple missions and experience more of some of the smaller games we play.

With a month left of the year I’m planning to progress the DL on Mars project, draw together what is needed to get the Pulp City stuff to where I want it to be and to get the Primaris Marines done.

2018’s objectives are all about getting DL and PC to the table in a complete form. It seems now that DL will have a different rules set but it will be good to have the figures out and in use after sitting idle for soooo long. If Warcradle do something with DL as well is DW it could be great to see these forces expand with new releases. I’m quietly hopeful on that!

Lots to look forward to especially the continuation of the Aeronef project!


24 Nov 2017

Another 'Nef

I've finished construction on the third Aeronef kit that I commissioned from Blotz.

It has turned out really well and is a really easy kit to pop together. I'm pleased with how much deck space this one has although it will lose some of that once the monitor style gun goes on. The lack of railings at the front will also look less silly once the armament is on. The Roanoke class tug should be ready soonish hopefully and I'll get myself a deck gun when I order that.

I'm going to go with an un-historically early US green as a colour scheme. I think it'll work well with the decking being a mix of browns. Question is: White Stars? I'm not sure when the US started using them but they are quite distinctive so I may well do some.

I found some of the Pulp Figure range last weekend at the Warfare show in Reading. I'm really looking forward to painting them up as crew for the 'Nef. The quandary here is whether or not to paint the uniforms blue with white trim or white with blue trim. I'm leaning towards the latter as I'm imagining my VSF Mars as being a temperate place more suited for the white uniforms.

Rules wise this project is looking decidedly like its not going to be Dystopian Legions but VSF under a completely different rules set. Urn suggested the konflict '49 rules and Junta has kindly donated a rule book with this in mind. It looks, on face value, as a rule set that should be easy enough to tweak to my needs.

Work has also continued on painting Massive Darkness figures. the first tranche are nearly ready and these coupled with some hero figures will take me over my target of 365 for the year. Huzzah!