17 Jun 2017

The Pentagram turns 2,000

So firstly an apology as I rather rashly suggested I'd be posting every couple of weeks... turns out work and home decided otherwise!

That said the work project from Hell goes live this weekend so I may, may, be back.

Now I've not been quiet during the last couple of months and have accidentally reached 2000 points with my Age of Sigmar army. I say accidentally because I've just been painting what I fancied and then discovered it all adds up to a magical 2K.

Let me introduce you to my new units who have already been out making friends...

Minotaurs / Bullgors
Part of the Beastmen Faction
GW insist on calling them Bullgors; everyone in our group calls them Minotaurs. Armed with Great Axes because they look cool! They've managed to get into combat once so far in 3 games; they spent the other 2 picking arrows out of their hides...

Lots of fun to paint as long as you like painting skin! May need to add a few more of these as they need a banner. Why? Well, because. Sheesh...

Warp Lightning Cannon
This was a joy to paint and has so far been awesome on the battlefield. I painted it because I fancied doing some artillery (steady Eddie) and as I'd already sprayed up the wood with mournfang brown I dived straight in.

The crystal was a lot of fun and I've tried to show the power of the crystal as it cycles up to blast the bad guys. Yes bad guys. Everyone who faces Chaos is a bad guy. Nyah nyah nyah...

So whatever Varistat tells you this is not a Cygor. This is a Ghorgon. And yes I painted this one because I wanted to paint something big and scary (and the Cygor is less scary. Honest)

A whole heap of purple wash on this fellow together with more bone painting than an undead regiment of skeletons...

Two battles and two very different results. Skaven fell to him in droves; Goblins laughed at him as he appears to have an aversion to nets. Sounds like several Newcastle strikers I could mention!

Gorebeast Chariot
And this is one of my favourite models to paint so far. Lots of little details and it had a lot of fun on the tabletop the other night as it is fast!

This chariot is actually in the Slaves to Darkness faction but I have dedicated it to Khorne (it was a complicated ceremony and made a right mess of the carpet) so this is now part of my Khorne Bloodbound!

All weapons are painted orange in my Khorne army. My colleague, Silverback, has audited the model and confirmed all weapons are indeed orange.

In case you're wandering the orange does not actually contain any orange paints.

Base - Mournfang Brown
Base - Averland Sunset
Wash - Casandora Yellow x2
Dry - Wrack White (heavy around sharp edges)
Wash - Casandora Yellow x2

I allow the washes to dry horizontally so they don't pool too much. I really do rate the new Citadel Shades.

And finally...
Back to the Beastmen Faction again for a Leader. I actually lack leaders in my army so I'm pleased this guy appeared on my to do list.

I decided to paint his hair as a stand out feature and he went blond. He is now known as Thor Pantene. In his first battle he charged the enemy and did, well, very little. I think he spent the time exchanging hair colouring tips with the Goblins... a little underwhelming so far!

So there we are. Thanks for taking a look and next time: Stormvermin, Or new 40K!


12 Jun 2017

Mostly works in progress.

As part of my planned dockside terrain set I’d bought the TTCombat container ship set. Great set with loads of value as it comes with several containers as well as the ship itself. I finished the containers at the back end of last year but hadn’t progressed the ship itself.
I resolved to get it done and so it was given a blast of undercoat…..

….and then the colours were added with large scale dry brushing.

I’ve recently got hold of some of the Vallejo rust powders and plan to make this a somewhat battered freighter.

Also sat neglected in my study was the enormous Spartan Scenics spaceship that I purchased several years ago. I’ve always liked the idea of having landed shuttles and ships as scenery and that’s why I got it. It too got an undercoat prior to painting.

I wanted to layer up the paint to lighten the look of it up from the base grey so I started with heavy dry brushing of greys getting lighter until I got to white.

Masking went on and I proceeded to orange…..

 …..then red. I’ve printed some special decals for it so those need to go on before I can weather it.

With the threat of a new edition, I decided that the Howling Griffons needed some reinforcements especially as these have been sat in the queue for ages as well.

These boys take my 365 tally up to 226.

In the drive to get things done I ended up letting my eye fall upon the rest of the Spartan scenic sets that I had. It think I’ve been procrastinating somewhat due to the size of the project to get the starter and corridor sets done but the new edition of 40K has egged me on and this will be usable for Infinity, 40K, Infinity, Pulp City and soooo much more so I decided to get stuck in and get it done once and for all.

The kits themselves are a cracking concept that was badly delivered. The design is excellent and looks a treat but the building of them is dogged by the fact that it takes soooo much work to put them together. We are spoilt somewhat these days as MDF kits are pretty awesome but these are hard work. All the slots need significant cutting and filing to enable it to fit together as they were cut too small. I’ve done the bulk of it now so I am methodically spraying, constructing sub-assemblies, spraying again before construction and then the final spray. After that the details need picking out. I’ve prepared some decals for the sections. A long job but once they are done it’ll be a cool set to use and they’ll be enough of it to lay out a pretty big base. This is just the additional corridor set in the photos. the starter set has even more corridors and rooms as well.

I’ve been wanting to get it done so I can use it as the Anphelion Base from the Anphelion Project Forgeworld book. IG and Marines vs Tyranids. Right up my street!

With all these MDF kits I have been gathering (or more accurately hoarding) leftover bits of MDF to the point where I have a box full of them. I’d put together a couple of Epic things from them but nothing bigger. However I was browsing the internet for a radar/comms array for the Anphelion base when one that I saw sparked my imagination and the following monstrosity was born!

Needs some details and paneling but you get the idea.

 I was pretty motivated before but sheesh…8th Edition 40K has lit a fire under me!


5 Jun 2017

Behind with my blogging....

..but not my games! Still ahead on the objective to make sure I play 52 games in a year.

Game 23
Junt and I had another bash at Epic with not dissimilar forces facing off. However he won the artillery battle early on so I struggled to pull it back from there.

His predators also fared well holding one flank pretty well having mauled my new unit of Land Speeders.

I did get to bloody his nose on the other flank with some mainly infantry on infantry action.

A win for Junt!

Game 24
It became apparent early on that Urn and I, with our marine and chaos marine lists, were going to struggle against Junt and Gareth’s combined force of Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. Junt had brought a super heavy unit, a full unit of Leman Russes and a horrible battery of manticores. Ouch!

The early shots from the rocket battery knobbled my Land Speeders and caught a unit of Urn’s infantry in their transports.

Sadly Urn’s attempts to charge the Guard tanks…….

…. Were as effective as my attempts to win a Land Raider battle vs the Wolves.

It was all over fairly quickly. Not a good day for chaos!

Game 25
With the appearance of Shadow War: Armageddon we decided that it would be rude note to give it a try especially as we have all the figures and plenty of scenery to use. Unfortunately I got so caught up in the new game that I forgot to take any photos. My first game was vs Junt and his Tau. I had my mob of Yoofs armed with shootas and applied a subtle mix of cunning and strategy……oh no hang on, I just charged him.
It worked well up to a point. I had downed a load of his guys, one of mine was sat on the objective and we still had enough boys to carry the fight. Sadly we had taken enough losses that I was making break bottle tests for my mob. Luck can only go so far and sadly one failed roll was enough to give Junt the game. Still it was lots of fun to give the Tau a bop on the nose. Ask Junt about the super-duper rail rifle…….with one round of ammunition. J

Game 26
Next game was vs Silverback’s lovely Skitarii. Oh my they are a bit shooty and their boss man is nails. Still all those Yoofs came in handy to overrun the Martian’s position but not without casualties…….which led to bottle tests……..you see where this is going? Yup. Holding objectives and still numerous but I bottled it again. A well fought win for the Silverback.

Game 27
16 Orks vs 6 misguided chaos chaps. This was quick as, given the weight of fire the Yoofs put out, it was only a matter of time before even power armour would fail under such a barrage.
A win for the Orks! Huzzah!

Game 28
Junt and I finally got round to the next game of our Undead vs Seraphon AoS tree campaign. The Undead were winning after the first round in the Verdigris Plains but the Never-dying were now fighting on the Seraphon’s home ground. We played the Revenge at the Blackblood Weald next which is an interesting scenario. The defender takes and initial hammering under the scenario rules to represent the fighting rear-guard action. After that the attacker has the potential for a sluggish start as units can stall for the first round.

The Seraphon started well and used the opportunity to down the Undeads giant and then their cavalry. After that the lizards pushed forward to take the fight to the undead. The massed skeleton units proved too much and whittled the lizards to nothing. The Undead hadn’t fared well with only their archers remaining at the end.
A sort of win to the undead whose archers were a little more potent than they should have been. J

I’m loving the narrative tree campaign. If I had a bit more time at the moment I’d pen a more prosaic batrep like the last one.

Game 29
Silverfox (and all his dice rolling skill) with BFG vs Eddy and Junt
Sigmar vs bad lizards and their undead mates!
Oh the ones. Sooooo many ones. It’s alright tho’ It was the Silverfox throwing them and he was on the other side! This still didn’t prove enough to save us from the wrath of Sigmar. Man they are tough!

The Lizards and Undead pushed towards them early on with the Sigmar archers trying a few rounds of ranging shots with their archers :-P.

Then then the Sigmarites hit. Talk about Hammertime! First the giant fell, then the Kroxigor started to get whooped all whilst the lizard men infantry got bashed about and shot horribly! We didn’t see much from the skeletons on the flank as the chariots had raced away and stalled the enemy advance before being smashed to pieces.

We had to call the game early as it was getting late but it was a definite win for the bing boys of Sigmar. Despite Silverfox’s dice. Tee Hee.