26 Jun 2017

Anphelion close to completion

I’ve been forging ahead with getting the Spartan Scenics sets finished. It’s been a long job but the end is in sight. I still need to do a few small details, some varnishing and a bundle of the little joining widgets but it is nearly done. I couldn’t resist putting it out on the table for a gander!

The varnish will reduce the glare on the metallic shutters so they should look a bit better once finished.

A shout out to the Silverback for the fantastically well timed transfers which look great on the doors.

I got the Nu Marines for 40K as well over the last week and couldn’t resist getting them put together. For easily kits the poses are pretty cool and they went together well. I was spraying when it was too hot in my eagerness to get things done so some of them are facing being striped and resprayed. Annoying but my own fault!

Inceptors are cool models which really remind me of some of the baddies mech suits from the Rifts RPG. 

The figures themselves are good but the new flying stands. GW? What were you thinking? They are strange sort of perch things that don’t actually go into the models. It’s a small join as well so it looks prone to breakage to me. Needless to say I ditched them and did my own basing thing.



Junt said...

Can't wait to play on that Spartan stuff

JamieM said...

That Spartan stuff looks absolutely top drawer! Cracking painting job, to do all that without an airbrush (I assume?) is brilliant.

Greg B said...

Oh wow, that Spartan stuff is fantastic!!! That base will be so awesome!!

Unknown said...

So great done!

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