15 Feb 2010

Slaanesh has a Parvane...for you!

Here is the final stage of the Terminator squad for my Slaaneshie Squad. With the extra initiative and the lightning claws I am confident that they will administer the joy of Slaanesh to the non believers.

I particularly like this Fella...or errr Girl!

This Terminator Champion is the master of close assault with his initiative 5 attacks ensuring he should out do most opponents, well he will when I point him at the easy targets. This banner has been treated with the Micro Sol, Micro Set solutions. I treated it with Johnsons floor wax first, to keep it smooth, then pu the transfer on with the solutions. Great finish, I can't wait to apply this to my Imperial Marines.

I am intending to use this figure as a chainfist, with the combi-melta for some extra tank busting.

The heavy flamer is a really nice figure, the head is one I haven't seen before, there's the prehensile tongue coming out of it is rather cool!

I love the look of this guys S&M mask as well! How'd GW get away with this at some point leaves me speechless!

After a gloss varnish and then a matt coat of varnish, I am hoping that these stand the test of time...after all I'll have these for a very long time I hope!


Von said...

very nice Mr.BFG sir! Your high initiative Chosen are painful enough and now we have to deal with high initiative armour 2 scariness! Is there no end to your cheesiness, erm, army prowessness?? :-)

JamieM said...

Lovely paint job, my good man - although it looks like you enjoyed painting them a little bit too much ;)

Great to see them done and getting on the tabletop for some weird slaaneshi antics. And no, I don't want to be charged by them... Or charge them for that matter either!