6 Oct 2010

The Dark Eldar Return

Christmas is early this year.

My favourite 40K Army is back and this time they've done themselves up real well like. Go visit the Games Workshop website to see all of this lot up in lights on the Advance Orders section. I'll wait :-)
Oh you're back eh? Pretty good? I've played Dark Eldar since I first bought 3rd edition back in the summer of 1999 (I'll add the 19 bit there in case any of these youngsters on here start with their smart comments). I've always liked an army that is seen as an underdog and boy the DE sure are.
However, when you nail how to use the army they are currently very lethal and my proudest achievement is probably finishing 2nd and gaining most sporting at a tournie in Cardiff a good few years back: I remember taking a White Scars army apart in 3 turns and at that moment realised how much I'd learnt since losing all my games at the beginning. Learning curve? More like a learning cliff!
And then they went into hibernation. I have used them once in about 4/5 years. Why? Well cos they became samey; some units were unusable in any list (friendly or competative) and I lost interest in an army that I wasn't going to expand.
The units that ended up collecting dust included Grotesques, Mandrakes, Hellions and Scourges. Even Reaver Jetbikes and Warp Beasts weren't seen very often. I do like the Talos though no matter what everyone else says!
So now they're back. My 3000 points are confused by the daylight creeping in to their boxes. It's time to see if I can remember what all the units are. Time to draw back the curtains and see if the DE are as deadly as they used to be.

I've pre-ordered the Codex and a box of Warriors (hey it could have been everything so I did really well!). Now I'm ready for the 6th November. Step aside Guy Fawkes, the real burn in hell merchants are here...

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BFG said...

Great timing Foxy!!!

That's the first time I have seen the new Mandrake as well, he looks....well....nasty!!