6 Jan 2011

What I did at Christmas...

...well mainly eat, drink & paint Germans.

23 bases of LMG infantry 2 command stands and 4 HMG support stands.

Left to paint is......

3 Anti Tank guns
4 Panzerfaust teams
11 Half tracks
6 Inf command stands
4 Nebelwefer bases + command & observers
4 10.5cm Arty guns
Arty HQ and numerous observers
2 88s with command squad
4 Inf morter teams + command & Obs
3 AA guns + Command.

Oh. Thats quite a lot really isn't it.
I won't mention the 7 tanks that I haven't even put together yet!
Or the scenery that needs painting.

Well at least I know what I'm doing in 2011.

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