22 Mar 2012

Back on the ocean waves.

Its all been pretty quiet in here lately hasn't it.

Thankfully I have managed to kick start myself and intend to get some things finished and really make an effort to do a little often to make sure I am actually getting something done!

I've had a good week really as I've finished off most of my Pulp City (WIP piccies posted previously) and they are now varnished and ready to use. I've advanced my Hell Dorado starter set and I only need to paint the bases. I hopefully get them done tonight (naughty baby daughter permitting!) so expect another update for those.

Most inportantly I have finished the first set of re-enforcements for my Dystopian Wars Britainnia force.

Subs Ahoy! The set comes with two subs and two other bases that are meant to represent them being submerged. Well, as you can see from the photo, the submerged ones aren't really that submerged so I thought that I'd make some quick simple submerged markers and then I'd have four subs and their markers. ;-)

Still to do for the DW Kob: Carrier with more tiny flyers, Escorts, Destroyers, Corvettes, Gunships & a wopping great Dreadnaught!


JamieM said...

I applaud your frugality sir! New markers look great. No space for names for the subs though - have you decided against naming them?

Eddy Artillery said...

This is breaking with my approach to the ships but I might go back and whack U numbers on the sides with transfers at a later date.

pulpcitizen said...

Glad to see GOG Online back and posting!

Will watch where you go with the DW stuff. :)