10 Sept 2014

Da Deff Kopta Sqwadrun..... And da uvver wun

My quest for a fully painted ork army continues apace!

What with having lots of boyz done, I decided it was time for some support. So out from the almost forgotten work box come some Deff Koptas. Quick and easy to paint up and I stripped down the rotors to only two blades so they are easier to store flat!

Goff squadron first, with some decals added to make 'em look a bit flash :) as they are slightly organised, they have the same marking on the front bonnet, with random glyphs added to the sides. I'm pleased with how the decals dulled down with some attention. Lots of colours for missiles on the basis they can't decide which shoot best......

Next up are the slightly crazier evil suns pilots. Same basic work, same squadron load out as the first one (i.e. The basics)

My one game so far with them confirmed my thoughts, great on the first turn and then die horribly to any sort of decent return fire! Still, they do draw fire away from the mobs, which has to be good news.

Just a couple of HQs to finish up now to get my army all painted up......

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