2 Nov 2014

My Start to the Imperial Fists.

 So the challenge for me has been time.  Running with two jobs has left me little time for my hobby.  So when a challenge was thrown down to get one unit done per month I was tempted to cheat and do a Tyranid unit such as the Venomthrope or Swarmlord. But no I want to get the 30K project racing along.

So here are some of the Space Marine Veterans I will be using in the Imperial Fist legion.

The first challenge was to get the yellow right, I didn't want a "bright" yellow as all the artwork seems to be gothic and "worn" so I opted for Vallejo Sepia wash over the yellow.

I also went with a lot of transfers, perhaps I should have thought more about this, as it took me approximately 2 hours just to get these on properly. I use Micro Sol and Set and in the past, not a problem.  This time the transfers would not conform to the figures. Sheesh!!! Eventually it has come good.

The next items will be my Terminators, these are all Forge World models and will look great once finished. In fact there are 3 squads of 5 of these. so a fair bit of work. The next units should be some bog standard marines. I have 30 of these and 3 Rhino's.  All this for our big game in December!!

I hope you like them.


JamieM said...

These look lovely! Good use of the ornate stern guard armour as that fits the period nicely.

I also like the greater daemon looming over them in the background to provide atmosphere ;)

Eddy Artillery said...

Very Nice mate!

Good encouragement for the rest of us to get our arses in gear!