1 Jun 2015

A Big Game....

..is always good motivation to get things done!

I've had the Fire Prism sat on my shelf undercoated for months and the poor old Scorpion has been languishing under my desk at work. Not a fitting place for such a lovely model. Anyhoo, plans for a mega game have galvanized me into getting these done. Its always the way that once you actually get started these things don't take long.

Saturday night I applied the dark blue mass dry brush to both of them and last night I introduced the blue and light blue drybrushes. Tonight I'll add the white to finish the look and get them matching the general theme for my Eldar.

Part of me is a little worried that the white will overpower the effect the blue has but I need to do it or they will look too dissimilar.


1 comment:

pulpcitizen said...

Big stuff indeed. Make sure we get more pics as they progress. :)