25 May 2016

Warhammer quest - silver tower

I couldn't resist. It looked shiny. And fun.

When it turned up yesterday I was determined that it wouldn't languish in the plastic pile like so many other things I've bought, so I stuck the heroes together last night and the rest together this morning

Must be a new best for me to get things started!
Next stop is a spray this afternoon if the weather holds and then painting as soon as I can
What's that? What about the eleventy thousand elves I've bought that need painting? Errrrrr, yes, they're the flaw in my plan! Oh well, it's nice to have lots to paint..... Right?


Junt said...

GW sure make some good plastics. What's the space ship in the top right of the first picture?

Eddy Artillery said...

Now get 'em painted Urn!!

Junt - Its a random spaceship that Urn has picked up as scenery for Pulp Fiction style games. Retro and cool ain't it!

JamieM said...

Junt - it's made by Bombshell Miniatures. I got mine whilst wayland still stocked it as a sale item. It is available in the bombshell site, but they're in the US so postage would be pricey as its resin and metal.

Junt said...

Sweet ride. It might inspire me to finish the Star Trek minis I started sculpting/kit bashing