2 Jan 2019

Deadline Tuesday

Well not this Tuesday,

Nor the next.

In fact it's Tuesday 31st December 2019, as we all seem to work better to a deadline.

Yep its that time of year when we all take stock and look back at the ever growing pile of toys, regretfully thinking about all the ideas you didn't finish. So like Mr Artillery its time to get stuff done and not start anything else and to try and spend less... a lot less 😉

So no new toys, and I mean it, the hobby has taken over my house, my bedroom, the lounge, the snug (yes pretentiously I have a snug) and even the kitchen. Shelves, cupboards, tables and drawers are all littered with games, models, scenery and bits of kits. It needs sorting.

So Resolutions,

1, No purchases for the 1st 6 months, (Caveat 1, there is a dream forge kickstarter for a hover Stug which I have set money aside for) (Caveat 2, this does not included paint, glue and brushes etc).
2, Finish stuff, simply get stuff done, make lovely wooden trays for all the armies and a bespoke cabinet for it all to go in full of lovely painted minis and scenery.
3, No new game systems, we truly have everything covered between us.
4, Keep track of the progress, yep more blog entries and maybe a cheeky excel spreadsheet.
5, Keep it all in 2 places (I have a spare bedroom which I have spent that last 2 days moving it all into except all the stuff in my cabin/shed at the bottom of the garden, that stuff can stay there for now).
6, Review and refocus at the end of May.

So its not real until you firstly say it and secondly let others hear, hence this post.
It also didn't happen if there is not a picture... so a picture of where my painting table used to be.

Do I say this all in good faith... Yes.
Will it happen...I hope so.
Do I have the attention span o......SQUIRREL

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JamieM said...

Sounds like an excellent plan..... And we'll be there to help you........ By showing you loads of pictures of lovely new miniatures!!!!!