6 Aug 2019

Preparing for WAR!!

Plans are afoot for a massive AoS game in November and these sorts of things always light me up with the desire to add new units to expand my forces.

I'd gotten a cheap plastic Dino from Ebay ages ago and even slapped some spikes and bling on it with the intention of using it as a Dread Saurian. Well....that was the plan. Instead its been gathering dust and adding to my self-induced stress over the amount of projects I've started but not finished.

Talk of battle changed this and I got busy!

I'd also found an ebay seller (Tabletopengineeruk) who sells alternative Razordons. I'd wanted more but the GW price is toooo high! These 3D printed ones had a good design and came in at a good price, 3 for £14.00! Bargain!

I've loved my Razordons in game. It is really satisfying when people charge them and they manage to get off their instinctive behaviour shots at their would be attackers. Given the shots they put out the chances of blunting a charge are actually favourable!

I'm hoping to see these on the table this week!


Tally YTD 267

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