26 May 2009

The Green Machine Rumbles on

Well, as Our Lizzie lets me have a day off to celebrate her birthday, I spent it wisely and in her honour. I therefore present to you Messers Zagstruk and Snikrot. Zagstruk is a pain to put together but a breeze to paint. Snikrot is pretty easy in both departments.
Next on the table are 10 Stromboyz to hold Zagstruks hat and coat as he dukes it out with anyone close enough.

My preparations for the next Apoc game are in an advanced stage.


JamieM said...

Good Lord, there's more Orks than you can shake a stick at right here! Time for me to post something methinks....

Nice paint job on these two, they do look rather nice (and scary).

BFG said...

Well SB...you are right the Zaggstrukk model is awesome....and BIIIG! I can't wait to see it in the plastic....so to speak. As an observer you understand! I don't wanna fight the Fether!!