24 May 2009

The post is sponsored by JCB

My preparations for the next Apoc game are moving along nicely.

As you can see JCB wanted to branch out into the world of 40K and I have provided them an opportunity. 6 Mega-Armoured Nobs and their own battlewagon, with Kill Kannon. I have left the battlewagon with removable turrets and the hint that it is open topped. Thus it can be used for a variety of roles in any list. I think that this needs playtesting to work out the best use of this.

These are definately not the best painted figures I have done. But it was simple, quick and I think an effective colour scheme. It seems that Eddie might have converted me to the benefits of yellow painting.


Eddy Artillery said...

There are no benefits of painting in yellow!!!!

I'm just stooopid!

These are going to hurt. aren't they!

JamieM said...

Yes, yes they are.


BFG said...

Woah....now that looks cool!! Way to go matey!
Love the finish on the yellow!