4 Sept 2009

Salamanders for a GoG auxiliary!

Well it's been a busy few weeks for me painting a new Marine force from scratch. A friend of mine Andy Powell asked me to paint him a Salamander force for use in a Tournament. He quite fancied the Salamanders as their Chapter Master Vulkan is pretty nasty and the benefits he bestows his army a re really second to none.

The army was listed with Vulkan (conversion from DH GK Hero Stern!)

3x 10 Tac Marines, utilising 2 Razorbacks and 1 Drop pod for transport. The Heavy wpns are 2 Lascannons and 2 Flamers a Multi melta and a melta.

1 x 5 Scouts in a storm Speeder.

1 x Landspeeder with Multi Melta and Hvy Flamer.

6 x Vanguard Marines including a TH and SS, along with 2 PS and 1 Pl Pist.

2 x Ironclad Dreads with Hvy Flamers and Meltas in dropods, both with Deathwind launchers and 1 with Locator Beacon.
All for 1,750 pts when the additions of a few Wargear bits and bobs.

The paint Job was relatively straightforward, thanks to the input from the SilverBack, who acquired me a tin of Army Painters "Color Primer Greenskin", this made shirt work of the undercoating, which massively reduced the time I would need to paint the whole lot.
I have used the Army Painter before with mixed results and have learned that in order to get a really good result you need to give the tin a really good shake for a 2 minute period then spray no closer than 10-12 inches from the figure. The results are excellent.

After this I over brushed with "Snot Green" then drybrushed with "Goblin Green" once this was dry I washed the figure with "Thraka Green" and then put the black and metals on! These were then washed with "Badab Black". I highlighted the black with "Codex Grey", then some "Fortress Grey". Lastly the eyes were picked out in "Dwarf Bronze".
The vehicles were a challenge for me, I haven't done too many large flat surfaces before now, (being an Ork and Tyranid player primarily, there are not too many even surfaces with this lot!)
I used the undercoat spray then went about drybrushing the edges with "Goblin Green", then I started applying the "Thraka Green" wash, this was put over all of it initially, however the fnish wasn't what I was looking for, so I adopted a style where I applied it in the joins of the plates and the recesses where I imagined light would portray a darker recess. This seemed to work well.
Andy needed a Vulkan character, he needed resuscitation when he realised one figure was £12, I told him that it was still worth it, as he did the job of a whole box set on his own....he wasn't to be convinced though ;-).
I had a few bits in my bits box, way back when you could purchase any parts from GW, so after fishing out my ol' Stern Character I set about givng him the Brother Captain arms, so he looks relatively different, due to time constraints I couldn't convert the Storm Bolter, something I hope to do later on.
Simple yet effective I hoped!

Last but not least, the basing is simply my mix of sharpp sand and "Budgie grit", I then washed this with Army Painter "Strong Tone" then dry brushed with "Bleached Bone". In the near future there will be tufts of dry grass put on to finish!

Hope you like the look! (Since taking the photos, I wasn't impressed with the very "flat" look of the green on the marines and have gone over these again! To a much more "shaded" look, much better!)
Carthage and the 1st Punic Wars next for me with a Roman Army just behind it! Still this is for another site I feel......Enjoy!
The BFG!

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Vulkan Rocks! I really must finish drop-meching my army