12 Oct 2009

GoG 2: The one after the first one

My word it's been a long time since I last posted anything.

.... and so it begins. GoG 2 is now under way. This time we've decided to keep it more fluid and we'll update with our own targets soon. Suffice to say we're aiming to have an outing to Nottingham in March so we might well have new stuff for then.

My own targets for the end of April 2010:
Space Wolves (cos they're cuddly) to 1750 points
Orks (cos they're not cuddly) to 1000 points minimum
Easterlings for WoTR to 500 points minimum
Uncharted Seas - 2 starter fleets painted

I do have some other little targets set up and I'll update on those as the year progresses.

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