16 Oct 2009

Panzers March

Well I have finally decided on a colour scheme for my Panzers, I have used the Desert Yellow Spray from Army PAinter and overbrushed with Middlestone, then washed with Army Painter Soft Tone....still a little "brown" for my liking, nut no doubt the finished product will get better the more I practice.
Here we have my first Tiger I

And some StuG G's emerging from the woodland.

Pz IV's Hanomags a Tiger II and soem much needed Panzer grenadiers next.


JamieM said...

Looking nice! The eastern front opens in Basingstoke on Wednesday then :)

Von said...

Bloody Hell! These Imperial Guard chaps have shrunk since the last posting.

Nicely done BFG. I think you might need a wide angle lens for that Tiger II when it's done!

Silverback said...

Sorry can't see the tanks - cam too good.