26 Oct 2009

The Germans are coming!!!

Thanks to the fact that I've managed to finish a few other bits and bobs, I can now get cracking on my Germans for SotTR.

I've finished the zombies (I'll try and get some piccies up soon) and a Vampire. Three werewolves are nearly complete, they just need army dip and basing. Just need to get all the ground pounders done!


Silverback said...

1. Germany, Germany above all
Above everything in the world.
When, always, for protection and defense Brothers stand together.
From the Maas to the Memel
From the Etsch to the Belt,
Germany, Germany above all
Above all in the world.

2. German women, German fidelity,
German wine and German song,
Shall retain, throughout the world,
Their old respected fame,
To inspire us to noble deeds
For the length of our lives.
German women, German fidelity,
German wine and German song.

3. Unity and right and freedom
For the German Fatherland;
Let us all strive to this goal
Brotherly, with heart and hand.
Unity and rights and freedom
Are the pledge of fortune grand.
Prosper in this fortune's glory,
Prosper German fatherland.

Eddy Artillery said...

Now you are worrying me!

Now I think off it - you are very blond Mr Silverback