17 Oct 2009

When you're feeling blue....

... and so here come the Orks. All dressed in yellow....

Mr.Nob with Power Klaw & Bosspole; the only figure in this first mob of 20 that didn't come out of the Assault on Black Reach set.

A mob shot...

Two of the lovely fellows; one showing off the fact that not all of them are wearing entirely yellow.

One of the two Big Shootas in the squad. These chaps wear a fetching orange jump suit; they are the Orange Jackets.

A slightly further out mob shot...

For those with an interest:
Skin = Mordian Blue with Azurmen Blue wash
Clothes = Iyanden Darksun (majority) + variety of other foundation paints + Gryphonne Sepia wash
Belts + Boots = Calthan Brown + Gryphonne Sepia wash
Armour, Guns, Weapons = Boltgun Metal + Badab Black wash
Base = Shadow Grey + Railway Flock that was bought years ago.

So this lot come in at 170 points. 2 more mobs just like this to do.

... Blue is the new Green don't you know!!


Eddy Artillery said...

Does the different pigmentation alter their psychological profile?

All these blue Orks? Sitting around playing the blues rather than roaring and charging the first thing they see?

Silverback said...

Perhaps they are feeling blue and will therefore never make a morale check.

I am sure there is a gag here about Marvin the paranoid android vs Mork the depressed ork - but I can't see it.