2 Nov 2009

Hobby Update

First pic and I admit an old one, is how my Daemons started out. Everytime I see this I think of the airfix figures.

On to the newer stuff and my Chaos Marine Vehicles. Simple paint scheme and simple wash = 4 vehicles in 2 hours. Awesome. Please note that the front windshield is still fully functional in the Jenkin setting.

So as you can see from this the terrain project is moving along nicely. I love the blue and gold effect and it makes a change from dry brushed silver/grey on the GW Cityfight terrain.
The piece I am probably the happiest with is the industry one. The tank is a garden feed container. I have gone for Blue and silver on this one as opposed to the blue and gold on the city buildings.

The fountain piece was purchased from Ebay for £9. For this I got a box load of Hirst art bricks made of dental plaster and a link to a website to see the model. I then did the Krypton factor to assemble the model. To finish the piece, I purchased some resin and plaster lions. These again from EBay, and are intended for Dolls Houses. The overall piece is great, although I still trying to find a decent colour for the black base. Here are the before and after piccies.

And after....

Lastly then, my Plantary Empire tiles. Playing Chaos for this campaign drove me towards the barren and ashen wastes. Hence the black/grey scheme. I also picked out the terrain piece as volcanic and highlighted this up to yellow.

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Eddy Artillery said...

oooh lubberly new scenery! Particularly like the big bronaze tankie thing.

Now going to worry about the abundance of Nurgly things in the world as my toymakers are going to struggle to kill them low str vs high tou!

This is going to hurt!