19 Dec 2009

First post in six weeks!

As the title says, first post in 6 weeks!

So, what's it going to be about? Well, daemons. Slaanesh daemons. And saving money. Everyone's favourite two topics, I'm sure you'll agree!

Right, so what do I have here then? Fiends of Slaanesh. These bad boys set you back £12 each in the shops. And I wanted 2 units of 6. So before any kind of internet related discount, that would be £144. Ouch. So, in order to avoid bankrupting myself for 360 points of my army, I cannibalised some of the first ever fiends of Slaanesh from the Rogue Trader days that I had used for WFB as Centigors, added heads from some Dryads and claws from both the new daemonettes and ones made from curved spikes from Chaos Spawn sprues. I really rather like the effect on the first 6 and as I have another 6 sitting in blister waiting to be used (courtesy of Mr Freeth's carrier bags of holding!) I should be able to get my 12 together for the grand sum of about £20. Darned sight cheaper than GW anyway, which makes me a very happy bunny.



BFG said...

Vari....these are real nice...sooooo......there is a real chance you may get that Demon army on the go then?

I would look forward to that encounter mate!

JamieM said...

Yes indeed - I have 27 painted daemonettes, these 6 fiends, 2 Greater daemons (in need of green stuff and a lick of paint0 and 3 daemon princes - so the all slaanesh daemon army is most definitely in the queue!