19 Dec 2009

Second post in a day - Woo-Hoo!

No posts for 6 weeks, then three come along at once - what fun!

Ok, some piccies from the 2nd GOG tourney held in the Garage of Gaming. I'm sure one of you chaps with the official results can post them for posterity at some point, but I can add some nice pictures showing all the participants. Caption competition optional!


BFG said...

Is it me or does the Silver Fox look super imposed!!

Silverback said...

Lol - he does indeed - mind you he didn't play like a carboard cut out.

JamieM said...

You spotted it! I had to photoshop him in from a different picture.... You should have seen what he was doing in the original picture, and as this is a child friendly website - I just couldn't publish it as it was!