23 Dec 2009

Just Like Old Times

Well after bad weather stopped play yesterday, I spent the time clearing my backlog of painting that has been nagging at me for a while. I have done a deal with myself and I won't start my SotR or my new 40k army until this is done. So first up were 10 Ork Nobs with a variety of Power Klaws, 'Uge Choppas and bits and pieces. You can't see from the pic, but some of these are from Black Reach around, some metal and some from the ork boyz set. All are made with a variety of weapons and bits from different places. All very cool with their jeans and black t-shirt uniform. There is also a Big Mek with a KFF in there and a pain boy. This is a very old figure and comes I think from the Museum de la Freeth. You can really see the size differential in this pic!

After that came a more recent addition, which was a Soul Grinder. A lovely piece to paint, let's hope it lasts as long on the table as Nicks does.

1 comment:

JamieM said...

lovely work on the soulgrinder! Is that horn on his head an addition from somewhere else? Makes him look very nurglesque.

And I hope it stays on the table about as long as a slice of pepperoni pizza after a long day's gaming ;)