2 Jan 2010

It's Like Deja Vu all over again!

Well I have been busy and my drive to clear my back catalogue of assembled models from my painting shelf continues. The last set of painting has seen produce a further 9 Ork Nobs with a collection of weaponry and a Warboss.

I have also found what can only be described as the hardest unit I have ever had to paint; Ork Stormboyz. As you know these are part of the last plastic release of the Orks and there is just sooooo much detail on them that needs painting they take an age. Even with my wash method, these haved taken me around 15 hours of work. But, the end result - well you judge for yourselves, but I love them!

I have also based all my orks in need of attention, so this amounted to 19 Nobs, a painboy, a Big Mek, a Warboss, 10 Stormboyz, 10 Kommandos, Zagstruck and Snikrot.

The production line rumbles on - next up my remaining platoon for FoW.


JamieM said...

Good work sir!

That really is going to be the biggest Ork army I've ever seen by the time you're finished.... Actually, thinking about it, if you're anything like a me, the concept of "finished" with regards an army doesn't ever really apply!

BFG said...

Mate they look cool! Lot of work done there on the "elite" jump troops of the Ork forces....can't wait to duff 'em!