30 Jan 2010

The Reich prepares to take the brunt!

After reading an article in Wargames Illustrated (W.I.), I began painting my Armour....why wait, well I didn't have the confidence to go ahead with it frankly. This was probably one of the sole projects that I have started from scratch in a very long time and I wanted to get it right!
When you look at all the nicely painted stuff in the various books for Flames of War, well you want your stuff to look as good as that right!
The article in W.I. determined what sort of gamer are you, more gaming than painting or vice-versa, well I definitely fir the former category! As a result I didn't wait to master the spray gun in order to get my look right, I went with a hand painted effort.

The results are here, I hope this gives you some insight and encouragement if you were suffering the same hang ups as me.
I have now completed my first SD KFZ 251/1 hanomags for my Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon, to support my Armour Company.

The PZ IV platoon was also finished, well the decals need to go on, which will be done in the next day or so.
I thought the Armour was a good way to go initially as the "Attacker" stance generally suits my natural way of playing. I also have 4 StuG -G's complated so this gives me two platoons with an HQ of 2 PZIV's and a Platoon of 3 PZ IV's, thus completing the Companies basic requirements.

I wanted to get some decent Recce into the comapny asap, so chose the illustrious PZII -Luchs. I just like the general look of these little tanks and am hoping,(in my inexperience) that being in a tank may lend me a prolonged life expectancy on the table top.

I have additional Support in the shape of Air Support, Ju87G Stuka squadron, a PAK 40 platoon and a Tiger I. The Stukas need painting though! Watch this space. In the pipeline I have the box set Panzer Kannonen(due to my W.I. subscription, thanks Silverback ;-) a wrothy investment), these have a Panther and a StuG G in them which if I add another Panther, could give me a basic company of:
2 Panther HQ, 5 PZ IV Combat platoon, 5 StuG-G platoon plus support. Could be fun!
Well until then.....TTFN!


Silverback said...

my god you have turned into a FoW factory. I am sure the Varistat has some form of drug he gives when we are not looking to get a burst of hobby magic!

They look great - again models of this scale never stand scrutinty from 1" away unless you are an awesome painter. But the long range shots show them in their magnificence.

I am bit confused why they have PIIs are recce in a modern force. Not really fast, agile or stealthy!

BFG said...

I am confused, surely the modern German army are not still utilising the Panzer II!

Or did you just mean as a WW II recce.

They werent bad for the period I believe.