4 Jan 2010

Something stirs from the Shelves of Holding

Well the other day I was in the Garage of teh BFG and he got his Eldar army out, one of them happened to fall into my army case and appeared magically on the painting table!!

Right, this was undercoated using Humbrol Yellow (Bright as you like) Acrylic and then the Baal Red wash was put over the top, with less of it towards the extremeties (the head vanes and sword tip).  Gems picked through the reds and the icon/runes picked out in Black.  A bit of brass here and there and all was done.  I changed my mind a bit and then did a small dry brush of yellow & white on the sword tip and the hair. 

As always the pic does not do it justice and with the funky base colour, it will look a lot better once this is sorted.   Total painting time no more than 70mins.

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BFG said...

You are the dip Meister! I didn't even notice that the boy had gone!