24 Jan 2010

Deutschland, Deutschland,la,la,la,!

Here as promised is the next batch of figures toward my German PZ Grenadier army for Flames of War. The basing has been completed now with the Silflor tufts and Hobby clumping foliage.
Great stuff, this time I have used the sring colour, rather than summer.

I have used branches and twigs cut from the garden and stuck these in with superglue, then grouted around them, moulding in tree roots for

I hope you like them, I will be mving on to the Machine Gun platoon next.
I do have Hanomags for all these, if I am honest I am a little scared that the camouflage will just look....well! Painted on...if you know what I mean. I am going to dig my spray gun out, which I have never used and then experiment a little before diving in. They're all undercoated and washed, I just need to get the red/brown and the green sprayed on!


Von said...

Stop tempting me with FoW stuff. You're all horrible people!

And is that a Stuka in your box?

JamieM said...

It's three Stukas.

And their cannons are 'orrible - I speak from experience....

JamieM said...

very nice looking indeed - I especially like the bits of garden you've stuck to their bases.

Silverback said...

very nice indeed, with this scale the close up pics never do them enough justice.

Mind you, they are still foul fascist sausage munchers!

Eddy Artillery said...

Looking forward to playing FoW tonight with these fellas!!