26 Jan 2010

SotTR: New Stuff

The Silverback is not the only one working on his SotTR stuff at the moment. I've got 20+ Zombies done. 20 German troopers done with 2 Hanomags that were finished at the weekend. One Vampire and 3 Werewolves are also waiting to draw blood on the battlefield!

Went for a Winter Camo for the Germans rather than the drab military grey. Thought I'd try to make them a bit more interesting.

Still to go:

15 German troopers
6 German Drop Troopers
1 Tiger Mecha! Oh yeah baby! Tiger Mecha - read it and weep!


Silverback said...

Very nice indeed - love the shaggy werewolf.

The combat trousers look a little clean though!

BFG said...

Wow, I am always impressed by the work rate you put up mate. Great camo on the Sturmtruppen as well!
As the SB says, the Werewolves are great!
I can't wait to add my 28mm 250/1 and 250/9 halftracks to the games.

JamieM said...

I particularly like the camo trousers on the werewolf. The mix of the mundane (camo) with the magical (werewolf) really works and is what SoTR is all about.