26 Jan 2010

Chaos - Revisited!!

Right, as you may or may not be aware I was not very happy with the way my Nurgle vehicles came out of my painting process.  They are, in my opinion so far below my usual standard to be an embarrassment.  So I have started to re-do them.

I had undercoated them with Army Painter Army Green and then Badab Black washed them.  I used too much wash and was not careful enough; better to say I was not mindful of the end result.  So I ended up with pools of wash and brush strokes in the finish.  Either way, this had to change.

So I brush painted Olive Drab from Coat D'Arms over the top of the paintwork being careful not to go over the washed finish were I liked it.  I then went to the wires for inspiration and a challenge.  In a bizarre self flagellent moment, I realised I had become comfortable in my painting and wanted a challenge.  My memory sparked and I recalled some nice chaos imagery and a 'How to' guide on BolS.  So off I went.  This directed to this site http://davetaylorminiatures.blogspot.com/ where I read more on the painting guide.  I then found this little diamond of a PDF to educate me on the weathering powders I picked up at Lenton in a hungover haze http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/pdf/weathering-powders.pdf .  The Chaos symbol was surprisingly easy once I summoned up the courage to go for it - expect more of these in the future!!

The end result is below.  I would hope you would agree with me, that this will grace the battlefield a lot more than in its previous condition.  2 more Rhinos and a LR to go. 

I advise you all to challenge yourself to a new technique.  We are all very good at our own little bits, whether it be conversions, scultping, basing or great paint jobs.  Try something different for that buzz!


Eddy Artillery said...

Chaos symbol looks great mate.

Looking forward to seeing in person because I need to see how you got on with the powders. Photos are a bit dark to show the powders off in their best light

BFG said...

I a loving what you've done here mate, they have improved where I thought it would be impossible!
Great links as well!
I wanna try that on mine as well now!!
You git!
Wonder how it would work for the Imperials? Wings and the like, need some stencils maybe?

Von said...

Fantastic mate! Looking very cool with that Chaos symbol. Nice work mate.