20 Jan 2010

A brand new bullet magnet!

New Tyranid codex = New Nid Gribblies!!


I am loving the new codex. It has lots of new interesting bit and bobs, seems to have fallen in well with the USRs and presents a range of choices that you have to model yourself!


One of teh 'Ooooh shiny' units that grabbed my attention was the Tervigon. It will make the capture bases scenerio particulary difficult if it sits on the objective 'pooing' out little gribblies. Oh Yeah - Thats why I want one!

Quick job really - a banana shape of tin foil coated in Supersculpy and before I dried it in the oven I pressed the Carnifex spares into the soft clay after I'd worked out where I wanted them. This meant that after the banana shape had been fired in the oven for 15 minutes, the plastic parts could be quickly glue-gunned back in place. Obviously I didn't put the plastic in the oven!

After that it was just a case of adding detail with green stuff or making small separate pieces from Supersculpy and gluing them on after they were fired in the oven.

Easy eh?


BFG said...


BFG said...

Great model Ed, really captures how I imagine a Tervigon should look.


BFG said...

This is an HQ choice as well, not a troop choice as was implied in the forums.
Unless the fact that it can shell Termies each turn thus placing troops near objectives.
There is also some debate on base size, as this is a T6 W6 creature, the same as a Trygon, should it be on the same base size? Not sure!

Silverback said...

r u sure this is a HQ - I recall seeing that there was a MC that was a troop choice.

Either way - that is an awesome conversion

Eddy Artillery said...

It is a HQ choice but you can have one as a troop choice for each unit of Termagants you field!

Thx guys

JamieM said...

one word....


It's so good that I even made up a word to describe it ;)