14 Jan 2010

Warhammer 40k Doubles 2010

Here is the second part of my post regarding the visit to Lenton and GW HQ. I had mentioned in my previous posts the painted armies in the running for best army and wanted to include some more of the Adeptus Mechanicua Army that was being used as a Chaos Demons army and the beautiful Eldar army. So again in no particular order.

The Wraithlord was converted into a lovely pose, I loved the way the Wraithblade was being employed as a two handed weapon.

Here the rest of the rangers and pathfinders can be clearly seen.

The Avatar isn't really done any justice from this photo, somehow
the guy had managed to get led's inside the model to really give it the look that it was flashing and glowing from inside!
There are some nice close ups of the rangers and their camo-cloaks.

The Greater Demon in the Pseudo-Adeptus Mechanicus army is exquisite.

The domed structure being a Chaos Herald I think.
These old "Epic " scale imperial knights were used as Bloodletters! A really interesting army with some great looking units!
These are some nice Plague Marines, every Chaos Lords favourites.

Unfortunately my camera ability has mean't that I missed the Demon Princes this guy had as they were out of focus!! Sorry guys! Here's one of them somewhat out of focus, but you get an idea of just what they were about, excellent idea!

I am off to the Rhonnda Tournie in February representing the GoG's and hope to regale you all on my adventures there!



Eddy Artillery said...

Good piccies big fella!

how the army with the dome-y thingy didn't even short listed is simply a travesty!! It was lovely.

BFG said...

I agree mate, the last game we had against the Taylors was another army that suould have been in the running, I think the subtlety of Andys Tau may have been a factor, as the Eldar were exquisite, no conversions though! So who knows.
Perhaps the fact that the Adeptus Mechanicus army idn't get nominated is indicative of a cock up in the selection process somewhere along the line!