20 Apr 2010

Busy Weekend Part 2

The Silverback kindly gave me some excellent terrain stuff absolutely ages ago.

He'd found some small scale walls and hedges. Like a thin sort of foam with flock stuck to it making it look like hedges and walls.

Finaly got round to doing something with it. Thought I'd make two fields and the rest as separate wall sections for more versatility.

Thanks Silverback for those!

As both the Silverback and I both have some (very dusty) BKC 10mm WWii stuff, I thought it would be good to try and play FoW in the 10mm scale.
Also managed to finish some walls which are for 28mm but I'm going to use them as high ones for BKC.
Oh - and some planky fences which will be perfect for Pirates and SotTR!


BFG said...

Sheesh, these are all cool Eddy, just need to scale up a little for the FoW stuff...if we can persuade you!!

Silverback said...

These do indeed look great and probably will work for a cabbage patch in FoW, if you look closely he has actually created a cabbage patch kid outta supersculpy in one corner!