17 May 2010

Daemons and the future

So here are the latest batch of Daemons to make the battlefield a pretty and pleasing place.  The silverfox has already been in contact with these little beauties and loves them.  In fact he loves them sooo much, he came back for more.

The scheme couldn't have been simpler.  Army Painter red spray, Dwarf Bronze on the Jugger and sword.  Pick out some small bits of detail and then Purple Wash on the Bronze & Black Wash on the Bloodletter. A quick before and after shoot for you to see the difference!

So with regards the future, just take a look at the new NCP carpark that has filled up my shelves.....


Eddy Artillery said...


Not looking forward to being on the receiving end of those Daemons!!

Still - it might mean that you get to paint all those tanks whilst wearing the Gogberro!

BFG said...

Double gulp mate!! Nasty...great effect with the washes though I have to say!!

Von said...

Have been on the receiving end; still unable to sit down. Lovely paint job - horrible unit to face!

That Gogberro is heading South after this weekend!

Silverback said...

but it did not head south - he headed 3 miles down the road to Mr Artillery!!