31 Aug 2010

Finishing things.......

Need to finish things.......its the only way that I'll allow myself to start my FoW Germans. Still in the production list are.....

Scenery set for Silverfox - Started.
SotTR figures - Nearly finished.
Tyranids Pods - Started.

Warmachine and just about everything else is being benched so I can have good crack at doing my FoW stuff and producing scenery to go with them.



JamieM said...

Very nice! What scale is that church? Is it yours or for Nick's terrain?

Eddy Artillery said...

15mm baby! Perfect for FoW

Lets just says that the church for the Silverfox will be bigger..............much bigger!


Silverback said...

That scenery rocks!!

The church is awesome - I have one as well and comes from a company called Timecast

Mr Urn should check their website, but leave his credit card out of the room at the time!!


BFG said...

Wow I am loving the look of all this terrain Eddie!
Great barricade/dug in markers!

The church looks fantastic, I have noticed that the "footprint" of the terrain can be more appealling to the eye than some of the true scale models. A lot of the buildings I use for my Napoleonic are nearer to 20mm scale than the 28mm figures we have. It looks right though...the ones we had built to scale look "HUGE"!!!