31 Aug 2010

Flames of War!

My will power was finally eroded last weekend. One cracking game of Flames of war and I was helpless to resist. It didn't help with Urn and the Silverback talking about a new webstore selling FoW cheap but the final blow was the offering of a discount voucher (thanks to the Silverback).

The toys were ordered within hours of the game and arrived a few days later...........

....just need to resist starting them until I've finished one or two other projects.


JamieM said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Knew we'd get you in the end White. Great models + great setting + accesible historical rules = irresistable! Now you'll face the full weight of Uncle Joe's boys from the motherland :)

Silverback said...

And don't forget the gusy with all the stockings and chocolates - that's right - fear the Belgians!