24 Nov 2010

When Daemons come out to play

I want to see a show of hands then for all those that thought my next post would be about the Dark Eldar! Come on. I'm waiting....

.... anyway tough cos they're not even out of their boxes yet. Instead we have the latest additions to my Daemon army featuring all the new plastics (and 1 metal) figures that came out during the heady days of Summer.

So first up are my Pink Horrors:
Now the more astute amongst you may notice that they lack pink pigmentation: well their tongues have a bit of pink so does that count?

Seriously though you didn't expect me to paint them in GW colours did you? Actually to be more accurate they're blue because Tzeentch are based around blue in my Daemon army so I needed these to fit!

Now we have the Horrors with the Changeling:
He's a nice shade of Grey to make him stand out a little but with the same skin tone and metallic blue sheen as the Horrors...

And here he is on his own:

The Seekers of Slaanesh. I ended up with 10 of these because they're lovely. My normal Daemonettes have green hair but frankly that just didn't fit with these and so I went with Warlock Purple hair instead (for the Daemonettes, not me)

And finally, but by no means least, some Bloodcrushers. Loving the plastic as these I can carry without needing weight training!

Really enjoyed painting this lot in between Mafia II and Fallout: New Vegas. Evidently they still need basing but together with an extra Flamer and the Daemon Prince they've added a nice hefty chunk of points and bodycount to my Daemons.

That leaves Masque and Skulltaker to be done and, well, they've fallen foul of me wanting to move on and so will languish in the nearly painted pile.

Next up........... Orks. See bet that got you as well eh?? I want to try and get 500 points done by the end of the year and then get some terrain painted up. I've built the Skyshield and bloody hell that thing is somewhat small deficient.


Neath Leanan said...

Not on to your Dark Eldar yet then... ;-)

Eddy Artillery said...


Me no likey Bloodcrushers. They hurt!

Figs look good dude.

BFG said...

Woaaaa! Nasty Daemons, well.....nice looking, but nasty..."shiver"!!!