24 May 2011

Dystopian Wars is here!

After a lengthly DIY induced gaming hiatus I am back. First up is My Kingdon of Britannia fleet for Dystopian Wars.

I wanted to do a sort of disruption camo for the ships. It didn't turn out quite how I'd imagined it but its okay. Just need to paint the fighter squadrons and two bombers then I can think about adding extra stuff once The Silverfox and I have had a trial game.

Jumping onto the queue next will be a couple of Malifaux figs that are on there way because my resolve crumpled like an old balloon when the GoGs started ooo'ing and aahhh'ing over the figures.

1 comment:

Silverback said...

those sea bases are excellent and finish the models very well indeed. Shame they are supposed to be tanks....