4 Feb 2012

The dynamic duo - Pulp City style

Well, here they are, the newest dynamic duo to hit my painting table and bounce off, now fully painted ready to take to the streets of Pulp City - Riposte (with the sword) and Arquero (with the bow).

These are probably my favourite sculpts in a series of figures that just keeps getting better and I knew as soon as I saw the previews on the Pulp City website that I had to get them when they were released, so I did and wasn't disappointed!

They form a "super-duo" in that they give each other benefits when close to each other, so I wanted to paint them in the same colours to give a nod to that. Yellow is a great colour to be able to use on super heroes and I really enjoyed the painting and highlighting as I've not really used it much before. I think it may well have been the early X-Men, if memory serves, who had a yellow and grey scheme like this and I thought it'd look good on these two.

I went for a warmer colour on Riposte's hair to offset the colder grey and Arquero gets a neutral overcoat so as not to detract from the main colour scheme.

Another shot below to get a different angle on the figures.


pulpcitizen said...

More great stuff Tea Urn - me likey!

Unknown said...

Looking great.
The colours work really well on those

Unknown said...
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Luckyjoe said...

Very nice. I like that yellow and gray color combo a lot.

JamieM said...

Cheers guys, these pictures really made me decide that I need to get some sort of light box set up.

It's somewhat dispiriting when you paint up some figures and are disappointed with the pictures - so a quick google search sorted me out and I'm off shopping tomorrow :)