23 Jan 2012

Back on the Bayou

So do you remember that I purchased a load of Malifaux figures on Ebay??

Somer Teeth Jones and his crew that had been assembled using blue tac and super glue and badly painted.

Heres the pic as a reminder.

Well, they had a little spell in detol and have been assembled properly put on the nice Wyrd Swamp bases and had a better paint job applied.  Vallejo Still water has been put on the bases to give the watery effect.

I think you will agree there is a bit of change! But as ever, the photos don't do them justice.


JamieM said...

Having seen these in the variously green and porcine flesh I can confirm that they are lovely!

Just looks like the figures and bases were a joy to paint and the elevated bases give the little pigs in particular a sense of size and presence.

Eddy Artillery said...


Always nice to see decent figures saved from oblivion.

The Malifaux add-ins are one of the smaller groups on my paint queue so I might well bump them so we can get more games of this going when I have a bit more free time.

Especially as BFG has gotten the taste for it!!