8 Aug 2012

Infinity has landed!

The Silverfox mentioned some time ago that he and his son had gotten some Infinity starter sets......then it went quiet for some time.

Sadly my head was turned by some releases earlier this year and this is where I find myself now.
Yup. Hard cash wopped out on a new system that we've never played before. At least this time I can actually blame the Silverfox. Oh...and so can the Silverback as I hear he caved in as well and brought some Pan-Oc. ;-)

Lovely figures but god are they fiddly and labour intensive to put together. One of the Dakini Tacbots had nine metal parts. I would mind but it is only 28mm!! Still they look cool and I am looking forward to painting them. Might be somewhat of a challenge as the details on the figures are tiny. They have a very true scale feel to them which is a change from "I've got an enormous hero head" scale of GW. Don't get me wrong. I like GW figs but these are so much more......umm....graceful?

Now we just need to work out when we can get a game in!


JamieM said...

You mean there are games to go alongside the massive piles of metal, plastic and resin that we're all building up? Why did nobody say before!


Looking nicely expanded there - glad to see the standard GoG approach is being followed!

Von said...

Um. Not my fault!

It's the second GoG to buy in to a system that is at fault: the first one is just a frothing loony until the second GoG caves.

So I blame Eddy :-)

Now where the heck did I put my Combined Army starter set and expansion (hey I've never played it either but you have to expand right?)

And you don't need may figures!

Silverback said...

Chuff me that is whole lot of infinity - is there an end to it?????! :)

Neath Leanan said...

I cracked and ordered a heap of Yu Jing last week. Nothing wrong with ninjas in space...