21 Aug 2012

More Flames of war stuff painted

So, with my hobby time under pressure like never before, I have decided to crack on and still do what I can!  So herewith find the latest tales of derring-do from the painting table....

First up, the Soviets.  I saw this first lot on Maelstrom and they were a bit of an impulse purchase on the basis they looked like fun.  Less than a couple of quid per pack, I thought they were worth a punt.  So I got around to basing them up, painting them and using them on the tabletop..... And they were great!  What were they?  Tank crew.  Yep, utterly unnecessary and make no difference to the tabletop as "bailed out" and "bogged down" markers come with the dice sets that I have.  But a couple of games against Nick from a few moons ago showed that they make the tabletop look smashing as my crews spend plenty of time hanging around outside their tanks not wanting to get back in!  Red bases to show they don't "exist on the tabletop and I was so impressed that I've bought some German crew for my other army too :)
"Dimitri, should we get back in our tank?"
"Not a chance Sergei, we can have a picnic at the edge of this wood instead!"

In the interests of transparency, the crews were painted before the family expansion, but these next two items were all painted afterwards.  They helped keep me sane :)

First up are some lend lease AA carriers.  I have no plan for including these in any particular army, they'd just been hanging around for ages so I thought I'd better get them painted or they'd be there for ever!

You'll have to forgive the background..... A nursery prospectus :)
US army warpaint spray, nuln oil wash, pick out tyres, crew, weapons, etc and add some transfers and AA units 15, 16 and 17 are ready for action!

Next up was another item that I have no particular plan for using.  In fact, I need another 6 to make a useful sized platoon.... But I decided that instead of the old gamer "I'm going to buy everything I need before I start painting approach and then find it all looks a bit daunting to ever start it" I decided to paint these three and then as and when I get the next ones they'll not be too tough to do.  These aremore lend lease vehicles but British universal carriers this time.  I really like the Russian passengers that come with these models and they certainly make them look the part!

These look like fun to drive!
Khaki grey and green grey mix to get an armour colour that I was happy with, paint the crew and passengers with my normal infantry scheme and wash away.  Fun little models.

Bit odd for me to paint stuff I don't know when I'll use, but with the limited hobby time available to me, I wanted to enjoy it and I just felt like painting this little lot.  And if you think these are odd, just wait for my next update :)


Eddy Artillery said...

Nice but I wanted Big Victorian Steampunk Robots!


Silverback said...

I think the pink really sets off the camo.

Anyway - may I ask what is with the red bases? they are rectangular - so they are red squares........