4 Sept 2012

6th Edition Flies In

Ah yes.

I could say the usual phrase "it's been a while" but I'm not going to. Whilst it would be factually correct it doesn't even come close to describing the last couple of months so I'm going with a new phrase: "today I spent time with my hobby"

Suffice to say that I'm now picking and choosing what I work on depending solely upon my mood so the Flames of War stuff had to take a back seat after our first game of 40K 6th Edition re-fired my need to get on and paint something futuristic.

The question was where to start? In the end I decided to start in the air!

Please welcome my new Triumvirate of Fliers to the world of 40K:

First up the Stormtalon for my Raven Guard. Yes it's a bit stumpy but I like it! I have modified it slightly by removing the heavy looking Assault Cannon turret and sticking the guns directly into the front of the aircraft. Now it has to point where it shoots which works better for me.
Does my Assault Cannon look big in this?

Look at my Missiles

Expect Black Hawk Down references aplenty
Next up we have the very sexy Necron Doom Scythe. I recently found out that Tamiya have re-issued their Metallic Red Spray paint and I was one happy bunny. Finally I can expand the army with all the swish new toys!
This is my best side. Very similar to my other side actually.

I am a crescent moon

Where's my little red sliding light?
Ghost Arks, Command Barge and Triarch Stalker to be added soon as they are sat on the shelf asking why the flyer got done first???

And finally a group shot showing the brand new Ork Dakkajet for my Orky Allied contingent. Bought on Saturday. Built and undercoated on Sunday. Yes that is quite remarkable!

Why a Dakkajet? Because something about the Ork Red Baron just appeals to my sense of flyer justice! Hopefully get this painted soon and then on to whatever appeals next.
The Power of Three


JamieM said...

Tally ho! Chicks away! Tora tora!

Excellent work on beefing up the skies with some lovely fliers.

And with regards the red baron, should we expect a retro flying cap and trailing scarf?!?!?

JamieM said...

Clearly I meant chocks away.... Unless you want to throw small chickens out of the cockpits of course ;)

Eddy Artillery said...

that would be an odd but strangely orky thing to do.

Chicks filled with explosives?

Looking nice Von!