3 Sept 2012

A visit from a friend....

...was what I really needed to remotivate me. I had been trying to use the few scattered moments of free time I get at the moment to chip away at all the hobby stuff I have to do but in truth my resolve had been flagging.

A visit from the Silverback on Friday night has really helped get me back in the mood and I even managed to get some things progressed just by using the spare ten minutes that popped up here and there over the weekend.

I'd intended to get all the infinity stuff I have ready together in stages but I was starting to beleive that it wouldn't happen like that as time was dragging. Thankfully the bits I got done mean that I have now assembled more than half of the Aleph figures I have and my batch painting mission seems likely once more. I always prefer to paint things like these together as it helps me give them a coherent feel on the colours.

I am still however in a complete quandary over what colours to paint them. The 'official' colour scheme is great but I'd like to put my own spin on it. I think I need to wait until they are spray undercoated to get a better idea for how to approach them.

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JamieM said...

Great to see your motivation back! Keeping going in the hobby by doing little and often is definitely key as it's amazing how much easier it is to find the time when you really want to as opposed to feeling you "should".

I await the infinity board and figures with great interest :)