23 Jan 2013

The Green tide flows on

Now that was quick, wasn’t it? Another 30 Boyz to add to the green horde. These ones are from the “Goff” clan and so find themselves with black outfits – drybrushed with grey to pick them out a little and provide a dustier appearance that suits the orks I think.
I luv wurkin' for unkle Ork........

These boyz were deliberately all given helmets to further link them as a unit and the Goffs are militaristic and no right thinkin’ boy would go into battle without one after all :)

Given the large areas of black, I procured some white check transfers from ebay and laid them on the flat shoulder pads and the odd helmet, providing me with a scattering of the check pattern that is another hallmark of the goffs and hopefully helping to break up the black a little.
How do you get 30 Boyz in a battlewagon?  I dunno, ask Fark!  ;)

This lot also differ from the other two units as they have the old slugga/choppa combo instead of shootas. I appreciate that shootas are apparently better in 6th (the internet says so, so it must be true!) but I wanted a bit of variety and when shooting hasn’t worked and something seriously needs crumpin’, these are your boyz!

Three big shootas and the ubiquitous Nob with a Power Klaw completes the unit and the banner on the Nob got some transfers from the jolly nice Ork flyer that I recently procured and that now takes me to 90 boyz ready for action!

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Silverback said...

Cold Orks - should they not be blue????