11 Oct 2013

Mock not......the OCELOT!!

'Coz he doesn't like it!

I got a couple of re-enforcements at Colours and I've finally gotten round to knocking them together so they can take their turn in the painting queue. The dreaded but badly named Ocelot with its uber-gun and the much more intriguingly named Dreamsnare. Hmmmmm mysterious!

I also picked up some Hoboxes. Nope! Not a new skirmish game involving women with dubious pasts locked in hand to hand combat but in fact a set of dinky sci-fi urban scatter designed to keep those annoying homeless 'Hobo' types all neatly tucked out of sight. As with the other WarMill sets I have made I found these to be fun to put together and are just lovely interesting pieces to have for the tabletop!


JamieM said...

Not the Ocelot!!!! NOT THE OCELOT!!!!!!!

What's that you say? It's defined as "A medium-sized wild cat that has a tawny yellow coat marked with black blotches and spots. And is really nice to everything all the time"?

Ah, ok, perhaps I shouldn't be too afraid after all ;)

JamieM said...

And i do like the Hoboxes. Not on the Warmill website as I was toying with getting some too as the ORB building I got from them was great to make too.