5 Nov 2013


Yup! Finished another Eldar flyer.

I'm not especially happy with how the custom transfers came out as the decal melty stuff seems to have left bubbles and a touch of misting. Oh hum. The ones at the front on the red are the most obvious and they look okay so I'm not going to be too upset about it.

Just the base to do now!

For the Eldar I still have a unit of lovely Shadow Spectres (thanks guys!), a wraithseer, a wraightknight, a fire prism, and some guardians and some Dire Avengers to do. So quite a bit left to do then.

1 comment:

Silverback said...

I love the way that you have blended the colours along the fuselage..... v nice.

that said it won't stop my lootas shooting it down :)