1 Jul 2014

Infinity nomads - painted!

And rather badly photographed too.....

In keeping with my Yu Jing, these had armour done with successive washes instead of the standard base colour-wash-highlight that is my norm. I really like the sort of plastic armour feel it gives..... Although the red didn't have nearly the coverage of the yellow so needed 4 or 5 coats!

Still, a light nuln oil "black lining" and I'm rather pleased with it.  I kept to more neutral shades for the clothing and a smattering of metal as I see the far future as having the laminated armour look. Hey, it's my future so it can look like what I want it to ;)

Front facing

And a...ahem.... Rear shot.

I really like the nomad figures and Corvus belly have done cracking jobs on the sculpts, including the menacing Sin-Eater and the rather more prosaic militia chaps. I changed the pose of the last one (a reverend moira) as I didn't like the gun sticking straight out in front of her.


Silverback said...

I am always amazed at the sublte colours that your get on your models - we use the same paints but the tone and texture are completely different.

Nice job

Lee Russ said...

Looking good!

Eddy Artillery said...

Very Nice

We really must try this game again!