29 Aug 2014

Orks! (And the foldio)

So, having a new army can sometimes mean part or not painted figures on the tabletop when you're too excited about using the new army to have time to get all the lovely figures painted.

So, when I used my orks the other day I had a few under coated figures and some not based, etc..... And I was rather embarrassed.

The orks don't really qualify as "new" anymore, you see. I've had them for years. I've just never managed to get them painted. Which is rubbish and hence my embarrassment. And you know that feeling when you see something and then can't stop seeing it everywhere? So when I looked at a couple of battle reports on the internet, some figures were bare plastic and metal and it looked properly rubbish. So I was reminded of my responsibility as a GoG to get stuff painted before I put it on the table.

So, without any further navel gazing or self flagellation, please find pics of the based snake bites.
These boys complete a unit to give me 30 of them and give me my fourth unit of 30. Horde-tastic :) as I converted a bunch from warhammer figs, they look a little more primitive and the eBay lot I won came with a drummer, who I just had to keep and he's in the second row, drumming out the advance-at-the-quick. Or whatever armies use these days... Silverback?

Next up was finishing the lootas, who were a mish-mash of undercoat and base coat. Bad moons for these boys, with bright yellow highlighting on the yellow metal areas to keep the shiny lookin'.
And from the side
Ideally I'd get all these ladz highlighted at some point, but with about 150 models in the final army I'm not sure I'd ever get the time, so I shall rely on the horde look to allow me to get away with it..... Not many to go now as I inch my way towards the holy grail of 1,500 points.

And a final word on my Foldio. I saw this advertised on the internet a while ago and it came out of a successful kickstarter. It is a little light box that folds down and goes up in seconds and allows me to finally take half decent pictures not on the workbench.  I got the one with 2 LEDs (as I figured not using one was better that finding out I wanted another) and the small amout extra to buy that model was well worth it. Here is a little pic of the foldio in action.
You can really see the difference in light compared to the rest of the garage.


Pulp Citizen said...

Nicely done Tea Urn, but I bet if you took a bit of time each week, you could get some simple highlights done to push the pj's a bit further. :)

JamieM said...

You're absolutely right citizen, but the large painting queue of unpainted metal, plastic, resin and MDF would be most put out if they had to wait any longer to be started!

And the new figures from the pulp city kickstarter will soon be trying to elbow their way to the front of that queue shortly :)

Eddy Artillery said...

Very nice indeed!

Lets not talk of painting queues.
It's depressing!

Silverback said...

Love the light box mate, really good thing